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A Maxwell Construction for Phase Separation in Vibrated Granular Matter

  title={A Maxwell Construction for Phase Separation in Vibrated Granular Matter},
  author={James P. D. Clewett and Jack Wade and Roger M. Bowley and Stephan Herminghaus and Michael R. Swift and Marco G. Mazza},
  journal={arXiv: Soft Condensed Matter},
Experiments and computer simulations are carried out to investigate ordering principles in a granular gas which phase separates under vibration. The densities of the dilute and the dense phase are found to follow a lever rule. A Maxwell construction is found to predict both the coexisting pressure and binodal densities remarkably well, despite the fact that the pressure-volume characteristic $P(v)$ is not an isotherm. Although the system is far from equilibrium and energy conservation is… 

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