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A Mathematical Reliability Growth Model using for Acute HPA Axis Responses, Heart Rate and Mood Changes to Psychosocial Stress in Human at Different Times of Day

  title={A Mathematical Reliability Growth Model using for Acute HPA Axis Responses, Heart Rate and Mood Changes to Psychosocial Stress in Human at Different Times of Day},
  author={S. Lakshmi and A. Soosai Manickam},
There is evidence showing that HPA axis responses to pharmacological provocation depend on time of day with larger cortisol responses in the afternoon and evening compared to the morning hours. However, it is still unknown whether HPA axis responses to psychological stress are affected by time of day and whether they can be assessed with equal reliability in the morning and afternoon, respectively.Software Reliability Model is categorized into two, one is static model and the other one is… 

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Smoking effects on diurnal variations of cardiovascular parameters.

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Feedback from meal-related peaks determines diurnal changes in cortisol response to exercise.

The identical responses to exercise at the different quiescent periods tested, despite a general downward trend in basal cortisol levels, establish the primacy of such feedback mechanisms over those responsible for the circadian rhythm.

Hormonal and metabolic responses to exercise across time of day and menstrual cycle phase.

The data suggest that metabolic and hormonal responses to short-term, high-intensity exercise can be assessed with equal reliability in the AM and PM and that there are subtle differences in blood glucose responses to moderate- intensity exercise across menstrual cycle phase.

Diurnal variation in the response of plasma adrenocorticotropin and cortisol to intravenous ovine corticotropin-releasing hormone.

To determine whether the plasma immunoreactive ACTH (IR-ACTH) and IR-cortisol responses to ovine corticotropin-releasing hormone (oCRH) depend on the time of day, we administered 1 microgram/kg BW

Diurnal variations in vagal and sympathetic cardiac control.

The data suggest that supine vagal cardiac control during the waking period increases in the morning and decreases 30 min after food intake and that sympathetic cardiac control increases 90 min afterFood intake.

Diurnal variation of the metabolic clearance rate of cortisol. Effect on measurement of cortisol production rate.

The effects of changes in plasma concentration of cortisol (F) on the metabolic clearance rate (MCR) of this hormone were investigated in 11 normal adult males as follows: constant blood withdrawal

Ovine corticotropin-releasing factor administration in normal men. Pituitary and adrenal responses in the morning and evening.

It is indicated that the magnitude of the plasma cortisol rise after CRF depends on the time of administration, and that the influence of circadian changes in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis on the response to CRF is influenced by these changes.

Analysis and Ranking of Software Reliability Models Based on Weighted Criteria Value

Case study results show that the weighted criteria value method offers a very promising technique in software reliability growth models comparison, and is relatively simple and requires less calculation.