A Mathematical Analysis of Technical Analysis

  title={A Mathematical Analysis of Technical Analysis},
  author={Matthew J. Lorig and Zhou Zhou and Bin Zou},
  journal={Applied Mathematical Finance},
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we investigate trading strategies based on exponential moving averages (ExpMAs) of an underlying risky asset. We study both logarithmic utility maximization and long-term growth rate maximization problems and find closed-form solutions when the drift of the underlying is modelled by either an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process or a two-state continuous-time Markov chain. For the case of an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck drift, we carry out several Monte Carlo experiments in order to… Expand
The Support and Resistance Line Method: An Analysis via Optimal Stopping
We study a mathematical model capturing the support/resistance line method (a technique in technical analysis) where the underlying stock price transitions between two states of nature in aExpand
Evaluation of Investment Strategies for Cryptocurrencies
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Calibrating genomic and allelic coverage bias in single-cell sequencing.
Artifacts introduced in whole-genome amplification (WGA) make it difficult to derive accurate genomic information from single-cell genomes and require different analytical strategies from bulk genomeExpand
Dislocations Accelerate Oxygen Ion Di ff usion in La 0 . 8 Sr 0 . 2 MnO 3 Epitaxial Thin Films
Revealing whether dislocations accelerate oxygen ion transport is important for providing abilities in tuning the ionic conductivity of ceramic materials. In this study, we report how dislocationsExpand
TruePrime is a novel method for whole-genome amplification from single cells based on TthPrimPol
A novel multiple displacement amplification (MDA) method based on the unique DNA primase features of Thermus thermophilus (Tth) PrimPol that promises to facilitate and improve single-cell genomic analysis. Expand


Optimal trading strategy for an investor: the case of partial information
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Portfolio optimization with Markov-modulated stock prices and interest rates
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