A Manual of Greek Mathematics

  title={A Manual of Greek Mathematics},
  author={Herbert Westren Turnbull},
IT is scarcely necessary to introduce the reader to an author so well known and so distinguished for his writings upon Greek mathematics. Among those who are fortunate enough to have learnt something of the wonder and liveliness of ancient geometry, a new book by Sir Thomas L. Heath is always hailed with delight. On the other hand, there are doubtless many who may be tempted to think that, amid the distractions and interests of present-day science, it is a vain thing to spend time in reading up… 
The compass as predicate to medieval models of thought
Thesis (M.A.L.S.)--Georgetown University, 2008.; Includes bibliographical references. This thesis deconstructs medieval illuminations as a means of identifying an instrumental awareness on the part
The Beauty of Reasoning: A Reexamination of Hypatia of Alexandra
This process of symbolization, unfortunately, has too often resulted in such distortion of Hypatia’s contributions: her mutilation in the streets of Alexandria has generated a continuing violence at
A large discourse concerning algebra: John Wallis's 1685 Treatise of algebra
A treatise of algebra historical and practical (London 1685) by John Wallis (1616-1703) was the first full length history of algebra. In four hundred pages Wallis explored the development of algebra
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In Hesiod's 'Theogony' (116) Chaos is described as the first of all things to come into being. Aristotle interpreted Chaos to mean space (Phys., IV, 1, 208) but this is an obvious case of a'
The Siddhantasundara of Jnanaraja, an English translation by Toke Lindegaard Knudsen, pp. 351, £58.00, ISBN 013 978-1-4214-1442-3, John Hopkins University Press (2014).
could have got by with a rudimentary understanding of how the decimal system used on the eastern trade routes worked, without needing either to forgo his own system of calculating or to be au fait
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et Cyrrkestique, Nos. 1-256 [Paris, 1929, Geuthner. Pp. 13s] (Honigmann). Carefully edited. Reviewer hopes for rapid continuation of this useful work.—H. R. W. Smith, New aspects of the Menon
Philosophical Aspects of Symbolic Reasoning in Early Modern Mathematics
This book presents a selection of peer-reviewed papers which were presented on a conference organized in Ghent, Belgium, from 27 till 29 August, 2009. The conference was given the title Philosophical
Hipparchus, Plutarch, Schröder, and Hough
1. HIPPARCHUS AND PLUTARCH. Plutarch was a Greek biographer and philosopher from Chaeronea, who was born before A.D. 50 and died after A.D. 120. He is best known for his Parallel Lives, which
Reducible or irreducible? Mathematical reasoning and the ontological method.
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The mathematical metaphysics of science are explored with the aim of connecting principles of quantitative measurement with the structures of sufficient reason.
Rethinking the Numbers: Quadrature and Trisection in Actual Infinity
The problems of squaring the circle or “quadrature” and trisection of an acute angle are supposed to be impossible to solve because the geometric constructibility, i.e. compass-and-straightedge