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A MDD Strategy for developing Context-Aware Pervasive Systems

  title={A MDD Strategy for developing Context-Aware Pervasive Systems},
  author={Estefan{\'i}a Serral Asensio},
Towards a new requirements' definition methodology using ontologies for Pervasive Games Based Learning Systems
This paper proposes a semantic model driven requirements engineering process based on an ontology of requirements (RO) as a powerful formalism to assist requirements' analysts for fulfilling changing requirements in PGBLSs dynamic contexts.
Requirements Engineering for Pervasive Games Based Smart Learning Systems
This paper proposes in this paper a semantic model in the requirements engineering process in order to improve the development of PGBSLSs.


Computer for the 21st Century
Software Factories
Software Factories is an approach to automate parts of software development and uses a few well known techniques. It's goal is to increase productivity, speed, predictability and reliability of
Pellet: A practical OWL-DL reasoner
A Context Broker for Building Smart Meeting Rooms
The Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA) is described, a broker-centric agent architecture for pervasive contextaware systems that exploits the Web Ontology Language OWL for supporting knowledge sharing and data fusion, uses logic inferences for resolving and detecting inconsistent context knowledge, and provides users with a policy language to control their private information.
Understanding and Using Context
  • A. Dey
  • Computer Science
    Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
  • 2001
An operational definition of context is provided and the different ways in which context can be used by context-aware applications are discussed, including the features and abstractions in the toolkit that make the task of building applications easier.
A Context Modeling Survey
This paper provides a survey of the the most relevant current approaches to modeling context for ubiquitous computing, reviewed, classified relative to their core elements and evaluated with respect to their appropriateness.
Context-awareness on mobile devices - the hydrogen approach
An architecture and a software framework - the hydrogen context framework - which support context-awareness for considering constraints of mobile devices and is extensible to consider all kind of context information and comprises a layered architecture is proposed.
A service-oriented middleware for building context-aware services
Comprehensive structured context profiles (CSCP): design and experiences
This work introduces a novel representation language for context information: comprehensive structured context profiles (CSCP), which is designed to be comprehensive and thoroughly structured to describe the entire context of mobile sessions.
Automating context-aware application development
An extensible set of tools are described for use in conjunction with the existing context modelling framework and infrastructure that provides substantial assistance to the development and deployment of contextaware applications.