A Lyapunov function for economic MPC without terminal conditions

  title={A Lyapunov function for economic MPC without terminal conditions},
  author={Lars Gr{\"u}ne and Marleen Stieler},
  journal={53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control},
We consider nonlinear economic model predictive control (MPC) without terminal constraints or costs. We show that under suitable conditions, consisting of strict dissipativity, the turnpike property and appropriate continuity properties, a practical Lyapunov function exists for the MPC closed loop. This Lyapunov function is given by the optimal value function of the optimal control problem with rotated stage costs originating from the dissipativity condition. Alternative sufficient conditions… CONTINUE READING


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Asymptotic stability and transient optimality of economic MPC without terminal constraints Economic receding horizon control without terminal constraints

  • M. Stieler
  • Automatica
  • 2013

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