A Low Power Sinc3 Filter for ΣΔ Modulators

  title={A Low Power Sinc3 Filter for $\Sigma$$\Delta$ Modulators},
  author={Andrea Lombardi and Edoardo Bonizzoni and Piero Malcovati and Franco Maloberti},
  journal={2007 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems},
In recent years, continuous research efforts have been concentrating in increasing ΣΔ modulators operating frequency, while still reducing their power consumption. Indeed, when the ΣΔ modulator figure of merit (FoM) is less than 1 pJ/conversion, the decimation filter power consumption becomes a critical parameter. This paper presents a low power sin3 FIR filter for ΣΔ modulators. The proposed filter implements a decimation by 4, operating at 64 MHz and consumes only 0.1 pJ/sample processed. The… 

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A low-power decimation filter for a sigma-delta converter based on a power-optimized sinc filter
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