A Low-Power Low-Swing Single-Ended Multi-Port SRAM

  title={A Low-Power Low-Swing Single-Ended Multi-Port SRAM},
  author={Hao-I Yang and Ming-Hung Chang and Ssu-Yun Lai and Hsiang-Fei Wang and Wei Hwang},
  journal={2007 International Symposium on VLSI Design, Automation and Test (VLSI-DAT)},
In this paper, a new single-ended 6-T SRAM cell is proposed. It has a very strong static noise margin (SNM) during read cycles. Meanwhile, data can be easily written because of floating virtual ground and 1-T equalizer insertion within cell. Low-swing writing ability is achieved by these two approaches. A single-ended current-mode sensing amplifier is also presented. This amplifier can sense a very small swing of bitline, equipping with a high noise-rejection and high PVT-tolerance ability. A… CONTINUE READING
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