A Low Loss X-Band Quasi-Elliptic Ferroelectric Tunable Filter

  title={A Low Loss X-Band Quasi-Elliptic Ferroelectric Tunable Filter},
  author={Stanis Courreges and Yuan Li and Zhiyong Zhao and Kwang ‐ Wook Choi and A. T. Hunt and J.. Papapolymerou},
  journal={IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters},
A compact high quality factor four-pole X-band tunable quasi-elliptic bandpass filter is presented in this letter. The filter is enabled by high-Q ferroelectric barium strontium titanate capacitors and open-loop resonators. The central frequency of 8.35 GHz and the frequency tuning range of 500 MHz (6%) are achieved with a dc bias voltage of 30 V. The selective filter has a fractional 1 dB bandwidth ranging from 5.5% up to 7.3%. The measured insertion loss and return loss are 5.7-3.5 dB and 10… CONTINUE READING
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