A Lossless Data Reduction for Mining Constrained Patterns in n-ary Relations

  title={A Lossless Data Reduction for Mining Constrained Patterns in n-ary Relations},
  author={Gabriel Poesia and Lo{\"i}c Cerf},
  • Gabriel Poesia, Loïc Cerf
  • Published in ECML/PKDD 2014
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Given a binary relation, listing the itemsets takes exponential time. The problem grows worse when searching for analog patterns defined in n-ary relations. However, real-life relations are sparse and, with a greater number n of dimensions, they tend to be even sparser. Moreover, not all itemsets are searched. Only those satisfying some userdefined constraints, such as minimal size constraints. This article proposes to exploit together the sparsity of the relation and the presence of… CONTINUE READING
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