A Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment Using J-PARC Neutrino Beam and Hyper-Kamiokande Group

  title={A Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment Using J-PARC Neutrino Beam and Hyper-Kamiokande Group},
  author={Koya Abe and Hiroaki Aihara and J. Andreopoulos and Ionut Anghel and Akitaka Ariga and Tomoko Ariga and Ruslan Asfandiyarov and Martha Askins and John Back and Peter Ballett and Mauricio Barbi and Gareth J. Barker and Giles Barr and François Bay and Philippe Beltrame and Valerio Berardi and Marco Bergevin and Sophie Berkman and Tracey Berry and Sumana Bhadra and Flor de Mar{\'i}a Blaszczyk and Alain Blondel and Stefano Bolognesi and stephen. boyd and Alessandro Bravar and Caitlin Bronner and Francesco Saverio Cafagna and G. Carminati and Susan L Cartwright and M. Gabriela Catanesi and Kyeongbong Choi and Jae Hoon Choi and Gianmaria Collazuol and Greig Cowan and Lara Novais Cremonesi and Geoffrey F. Davies and Gisella De Rosa and Chris J. Densham and Jason Detwiler and David Dewhurst and Francesca Di Lodovico and Silvestro Di Luise and Olivier Drapier and Sarah Emery and B. Eberly A. Ereditato and Pilar Berrocal Fern{\'a}ndez and Tom Feusels and Alex Finch and Mike Fitton and Milton Friend and Yasunori Fujii and Yutaka Fukuda and Daniel Akio Fukuda and V. Galymov and K. S. Ganezer and Michael Gonin and P. Gumplinger and David R. Hadley and Le{\"i}la Haegel and Adam Jason Haesler and Yuki Haga and Bernadette Hartfiel and Matthew Hartz and Yoshinari Hayato and M. Hierholzer and John Walter Hill and Anne-Sophie Himmel and Seiko Hirota and Shinji Horiuchi and Keh-Ning Huang and Atsuko K. Ichikawa and Toru Iijima and Motoyasu Ikeda and J. Imber and Kazuki Inoue and Joseph S. Insler and Roberto Intonti and Tyler Irvine and Takao Ishida and Hirokazu Ishino and Masaki Ishitsuka and Yoshitaka Itow and Alexander Izmaylov and Briana Jamieson and Hyun Il Jang and Meng Jiang and Kyungjin Joo and Chang Kee Jung and A. C. Kaboth and Takaaki Kajita and Jun Kameda and Y. Karadhzov and Teppei Katori and Edward Kearns and M. Ya. Khabibullin and A. N. Khotjantsev and Ji Young Kim and Soohyeong Kim and Yasuaki Kishimoto and Tetsuya Kobayashi and Yasunori Koga and Akira Konaka and Laura Lee Kormos and Alexander Korzenev and Yusuke Koshio and Wiebke Kropp and Yu. A. Kudenko and Thomas Kutter and Masahiro Kuze and Luis Labarga and Justyna Lagoda and Marco Laveder and M. v. Lawe and John G. Learned and I. K. oung Lim and Thomas Lindner and A. Longhin and Lucio Ludovici and Weiyu Ma and L. Magaletti and K. B. M. Mahn and Massoud Malek and Celestina Mariani and Ll. Marti and John Martin and Chris F Martin and P{\^a}mela Padovani Martins and Edoardo Mazzucato and Noel McCauley and Kevin S Mcfarland and C Mcgrew and Mauro Mezzetto and Hisakazu Minakata and Akihiro Minamino and Sol{\`e}ne Mine and Oleg. Y. Mineev and Michisaburo Miura and Jocelyn Rebecca Monroe and Tam{\'a}s F. M{\'o}ri and Shiota M Moriyama and Th. Th. M{\"u}ller and Franz Muheim and Masafumi Nakahata and Kazuyuki Nakamura and Tuyoshi Nakaya and Shoei Nakayama and Micah Needham and Tracy Nicholls and M. Nirkko and Yasuhiro Nishimura and Etam Noah and Jaroslaw Nowak and Hiroshi Nunokawa and H. M. O’Keeffe and Yoshikazu Okajima and Kimihiro Okumura and S. M. Oser and E. J. M. O’Sullivan and R Alexander Owen and Yuichi Oyama and Javier Perez and Myoung Youl Pac and Viola Stella Palladino and Jos{\'e} Patricio Linares Palomino and Vincent Paolone and Doris Lander Payne and O. Perevozchikov and J. D. Perkin and Ciro Pistillo and Stephen Playfer and M. Posiadala-Zezula and J-M. Poutissou and B. Quilain and Maurizio Quinto and Emilio Radicioni and Peter Ratoff and M. Ravonel and Marlene M. Rayner and Ajay Redij and Fabrice Reti{\`e}re and Carmine Riccio and Evelyne Richard and Ewa. Rondio and Harry Rose and Mark Ross-Lonergan and Carsten Rott and Susan D. Rountree and Andre. Rubbia and Ralph Sacco and Makoto Sakuda and M. Concepci{\'o}n Olivares S{\'a}nchez and Enrico Scantamburlo and Kate Scholberg and Marian Scott and Y. Seiya and Tomohiko Sekiguchi and Hiroyuki Sekiya and A. Shaikhiev and Ikkoh Shimizu and Masato Shiozawa and Stephanie A. Short and Gus Sinnis and Michael B. Smy and Jan T. Sobczyk and Henry W. Sobel and Thomas J. Stewart and Jennifer L Stone and Yasunori Suda and Yoshitaka Suzuki and Atsushi Suzuki and Roman Svoboda and R. Tacik and Atsushi Takeda and Akimichi Taketa and Yuji Takeuchi and Hisamichi Tanaka and Hidekazu Tanaka and Rutter Terri and Lee F. Thompson and matthew. thorpe and Shigeru Tobayama and Nikolai Tolich and Tatsuya Tomura and C. Touramanis and Toshiaki Tsukamoto and Malenko Tzanov and Yutaka Uchida and Mark R. Vagins and Georges Vasseur and Robert Bruce Vogelaar and Christopher William Walter and David Q. Wark and M. O. Wascko and Alfons Weber and Russell R. Wendell and R. Jeffrey Wilkes and M. J. Wilking and John Robert Wilson and Tingting Xin and Kazutoshi Yamamoto and Chiaki Takano Yanagisawa and Takeru Yano and Stanley Yen and N. V. Yershov and Misako Yokoyama and M. V. Zito},
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