A Living Wage: American Workers and the Making of Consumer Society

  title={A Living Wage: American Workers and the Making of Consumer Society},
  author={Clifford L. Staples and Lawrence B. Glickman},
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Des loan sharks aux banques : croisades, construction et segmentation d'un marché du crédit aux États-Unis, 1900-1945

Si de nombreux travaux soulignent l’existence d’une segmentation de l’offre de credit aux Etats-Unis, entre un marche primaire bancaire et un marche secondaire peuple d’agences allant des payday

The Social Organization of the Ontario Minimum Wage Campaign

The Social Organization of the Ontario Minimum Wage Campaign (OMWC) is a case study of community and union workers’ rights organizing. The 2001 to 2007 campaign brought together activist groups,

The Modern Living Wage Movement

or 12%, of all individuals earn less than $9 per hour and live below the federal poverty level. Millions more are unable to make ends meet, despite earning sometimes 2 to 3 times the federal poverty

SYMPOSIUM ON EUGENICS DURING THE AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE ERA Protecting Family and Race The Progressive Case for Regulating Women's Work

American economics came of age during the Progressive Era, a time when biological approaches to economic reform were at their high-water mark. Reform-minded economists argued that the labor force

An Evaluation of the Living Wage: Identifying Pathways Out of In-Work Poverty

This article reports the results of a case study on the introduction of the living wage. Three employers in the City of York became living wage employers. Using data derived from a sample survey of

The Living Wage: An economic understanding and a policy for equality

  • Economics
  • 2015

Hunger Discipline and Social Parasites

This article examines how New Deal commitments to a living wage were overturned by neoliberal market forces after the 1970s capital accumulation crisis. A period of urban financialization followed,

Evaluating Living Wage Laws in the United States: Good Intentions and Economic Reality in Conflict?

This article first examines the question, “What is a living wage?” and provides a range of specific dollar amounts derived through a conceptual assessment of the term. It then provides a series of

Cities with Class?

Nicknaming his city “Dear Old Lady Thrift,” Milwaukee Journal writer Richard Davis chastised city leaders for failing to build a “great city.” His unflattering portrait pictured post–World War II

Historicizing Economic Growth: An Overview of Recent Works

Abstract In this historiographical review, I analyse recent works on the history of economic growth and provide a starting point for thinking about how this literature fits together as a discrete