A Live Intranet Distance Learning System using MPEG-4 over RTP/RTSP

  title={A Live Intranet Distance Learning System using MPEG-4 over RTP/RTSP},
  author={Peter H. Westerink and Lisa Amini and Sundar Veliah and Will Belknap},
  booktitle={IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo},
End-to-end solutions for live broadcasting and on-demand streaming of digital media. Features Unlimited cross-platform streaming • Streams to standards-based media players on any platform • Relays streams to additional servers for broadcasting to a virtually unlimited number of viewers • Does not require per-stream license fees Standards-based streaming • Delivers streams over industry-standard RTP/RTSP via multicast or unicast transport • Supports native MPEG-4 and 3GPP streaming… CONTINUE READING

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