A Live Coding Session With the Cloud and a Virtual Agent

  title={A Live Coding Session With the Cloud and a Virtual Agent},
  author={Anna Xamb{\'o}},



Live Coding with the Cloud and a Virtual Agent

A machine learning (ML) model is introduced that, based on a set of examples provided by the live coder, filters the crowdsourced sounds retrieved from the Freesound online database at performance time.

Music Information Retrieval in Live Coding: A Theoretical Framework

It is found that it is still a technical challenge to use high-level features in real time, yet using rhythmic and tonal properties (midlevel features) in combination with text-based information (e.g., tags) helps to achieve a closer perceptual level centered on pitch and rhythm when using MIR in live coding.

Live coding in laptop performance

This paper presents an introduction to the field of live coding, of real-time scripting during laptop music performance, and the improvisatory power and risks involved, and looks at two test cases, the command-line music of slub utilising Perl and REALbasic, and Julian Rohrhuber's Just In Time library for SuperCollider.

Live Repurposing of Sounds: MIR Explorations with Personal and Crowdsourced Databases

A live coding system built on SuperCollider enabling the use of audio content from online Creative Commons (CC) sound databases such as Freesound or personal sound databases and its potential in facilitating tailorability of the tool to their own creative workflows is demonstrated.

Freesound technical demo

This demo wants to introduce Freesound to the multimedia community and show its potential as a research resource.

Plans and situated actions - the problem of human-machine communication

  • L. Suchman
  • Medicine
    Learning in doing: social,cognitive,and computational perspectives
  • 1987
This paper presents a meta-modelling architecture for human-machine communication that automates the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy and therefore expensive and expensive process of designing and implementing communication systems.