A Literature Survey on IoT Security Challenges

  title={A Literature Survey on IoT Security Challenges},
  author={Shubhalika Dihulia and Tanveer Farooqui},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
This survey paper discuss the security challenges in IoT network. IoT is hot research topic in between researchers. In the era of digital media IoT play an important role of information servers and data warehouses. IoT network are used in different cities of smart city network. That’s why the security of the IoT network is also a big task. There are many loop holes available in IoT based security network. In this survey paper discuss the security aspects in the IoT networks. Also discuss the… 
A Review of IoT Security Challenges and Solutions
  • Farhad Mehdipour
  • Computer Science
    2020 8th International Japan-Africa Conference on Electronics, Communications, and Computations (JAC-ECC)
  • 2020
This paper provides an overview of IoT architectural layers and components, security issues and challenges at different layers, some solutions, and future directions.
Internet of Things : Recap
  • Rutuja Jagtap, S. Budhkar
  • Computer Science
    International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology
  • 2019
The future of Internet of Things can provide a broader vision, enable everyone to access locations,Things and contribute rich information about the surroundings, things and locations and the social network’s success of sharing experience and personalised insights shows great potential for integration with business-centric applications.


A survey of security issues in wireless sensor networks
This article outlines the constraints, security requirements, and attacks with their corresponding countermeasures in WSNs, and presents a holistic view of security issues, classified into five categories: cryptography, key management, secure routing, secure data aggregation, and intrusion detection.
RFID security in the context of "internet of things"
A recently proposed protocol's strengths and weaknesses are discussed and then an improved protocol is proposed, retaining efficiency of the protocol intact, for solving identification issues of objects around us in a cost effective manner.
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A generic Internet of Things architecture trying to resolve the existing restrictions of current architectural models by integrating both RFID and smart object-based infrastructures, while also exploring a third parameter, i.e. the social potentialities of the Internet of Thing building blocks towards shaping the “Social Internet of things”.
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The fields of application for IoT technologies are as numerous as they are diverse, as IoT solutions are increasingly extending to virtually all areas of everyday.
Internet of Things: Services and Applications Categorization
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Application of RFID Technology for Logistics on Internet of Things
Handoff in hybrid mobile data networks
An overview of issues related to handoff with particular emphasis on hybrid mobile data networks is presented and five architectures for the example hybrid network, based on emulation of GPRS entities within the WLAN, mobile IP, a virtual access point, and a mobility gateway, are described and compared.