A Linear Size Index for Approximate Pattern Matching

  title={A Linear Size Index for Approximate Pattern Matching},
  author={Ho-Leung Chan and Tak Wah Lam and Wing-Kin Sung and Siu-Lung Tam and Swee-Seong Wong},
This paper revisits the problem of indexing a text S[1..n] to support searching substrings in S that match a given pattern P [1..m] with at most k errors. A naive solution either has a worst-case matching time complexity of Ω(m) or requires Ω(n) space. Devising a solution with better performance has been a challenge until Cole et al. [5] showed an O(n log n)-space index that can support k-error matching in O(m+occ+log n log log n) time, where occ is the number of occurrences. Motivated by the… CONTINUE READING

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