A Likely Detection of a Two-Planet System in a Low Magnification Microlensing Event

  title={A Likely Detection of a Two-Planet System in a Low Magnification Microlensing Event},
  author={D. Suzuki and D. Bennett and A. Udalski and I. Bond and T. Sumi and C. Han and F. Abe and Y. Asakura and R. Barry and A. Bhattacharya and M. Donachie and M. Freeman and A. Fukui and Y. Hirao and Y. Itow and N. Koshimoto and M. Li and C. Ling and K. Masuda and Y. Matsubara and Y. Muraki and M. Nagakane and K. Onishi and H. Oyokawa and C. Ranc and N. Rattenbury and T. Saito and A. Sharan and D. Sullivan and P. Tristram and A. Yonehara and R. Poleski and P. Mr'oz and J. Skowron and M. Szyma'nski and I. Soszy'nski and S. Kozłowski and P. Pietrukowicz and L. Wyrzykowski and K. Ulaczyk},
  journal={arXiv: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics},
We report on the analysis of a microlensing event OGLE-2014-BLG-1722 that showed two distinct short term anomalies. The best fit model to the observed light curves shows that the two anomalies are explained with two planetary mass ratio companions to the primary lens. Although a binary source model is also able to explain the second anomaly, it is marginally ruled out by 3.1 $\sigma$. The 2-planet model indicates that the first anomaly was caused by planet "b" with a mass ratio of $q = (4.5_{-0… Expand
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