A Lie algebra method for rational parametrization of Severi-Brauer surfaces

  title={A Lie algebra method for rational parametrization of Severi-Brauer surfaces},
  author={Willem A. de Graaf and Michael C. Harrison and Jana P{\'i}lnikov{\'a} and Josef Schicho},
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Rational parametrisation for degree 6 Del Pezzo surfaces using lie algebras

We give an algorithm for deciding whether a given Del Pezzo surface of degree 6 is rational over the ground field, and for computing a proper parametrisation in the affirmative case. This problem is

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Parametrization of algebraic curves and surfaces is a fundamental topic in CAGD (intersections; osets and conchoids; etc.) There are many results on rational parametrization, in particular in the

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In the thesis we present a new method for parametrizing algebraic varieties over the field of characteristic zero. The problem of parametrizing is reduced to a problem of finding an isomorphism of



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A theorem is proved which enables us to determine whether a given relative norm equation of the form |N F/e (η)| = |θ| has any solutions η ∈ M at all and, if so, to compute a complete set of nonassociate solutions.

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An algorithm is described which takes as input α and the minimal polynomial of α over Q, and determines if α is a norm of an element of L, and it is shown that, if the authors ignore the time needed to obtain a complete factorization of α and a completefactorization of the discriminant of α, then the algorithm runs in timePolynomial in the size of the input.

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We give an algorithm for the following problem: given a surface defined over Q, and a rational pencil on it, compute a proper parametrization with coefficients in Q.

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It is obtained that the problem of deciding if the index of a given central simple algebra over an algebraic number field isd, whered is a given natural number, belongs to the complexity class N P ∩co N P.