A Learning-Based Fact Selector for Isabelle/HOL

  title={A Learning-Based Fact Selector for Isabelle/HOL},
  author={Jasmin Christian Blanchette and David Greenaway and Cezary Kaliszyk and Daniel K{\"u}hlwein and Josef Urban},
  journal={Journal of Automated Reasoning},
Sledgehammer integrates automatic theorem provers in the proof assistant Isabelle/HOL. A key component, the fact selector, heuristically ranks the thousands of facts (lemmas, definitions, or axioms) available and selects a subset, based on syntactic similarity to the current proof goal. We introduce MaSh, an alternative that learns from successful proofs. New challenges arose from our “zero click” vision: MaSh integrates seamlessly with the users’ workflow, so that they benefit from machine… CONTINUE READING