A Late-Glacial and Post-Glacial Climatic Correlation between East Africa and Europe

  title={A Late-Glacial and Post-Glacial Climatic Correlation between East Africa and Europe},
THE classical work on the Quaternary chronology in Africa has been carried out in East Africa by geologists, palæontologists and archæologists. The general scheme of a sequence of pluvial and non-pluvial periods which had been developed was later on widely adopted in all parts of Africa. Revaluation of the factual evidence and warning against uncritical acceptance of the East African pluvial chronology, especially from geological quarters1–3, led to the conclusion that there existed in East… 
E.M. van Zinderen Bakker (1907–2002) and the study of African Quaternary palaeoenvironments
This article explores historical and contemporary approaches to the use of genetic and archaeological evidence in the interpretation of European Prehistory. It begins by reviewing the early work of
Contributions of Quaternary botany to modern ecology and biogeography
  • H. Birks
  • Environmental Science, Geography
    Plant Ecology & Diversity
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Quaternary (last 2.6 million years) botany involves studying plant megafossils (e.g. tree stumps), macrofossils (e.g. seeds, leaves), and microfossils (e.g. pollen, spores) preserved in peat
Pollen, People and Place: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Ecosystem Change at Amboseli, Kenya
This study presents a multidisciplinary perspective for understanding environmental change and emerging socio-ecological interactions across the Amboseli region of southwestern Kenya. We focus on
A 3000-year record of vegetation changes and fire at a high-elevation wetland on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Abstract Kilimanjaro is experiencing the consequences of climate change and multiple land-use pressures. Few paleoenvironmental and archeological records exist to examine historical patterns of late
Evolution des paléoenvironnements en Afrique centrale et orientale au Pléistocène supérieur et à l'Holocène. Influences climatiques et anthropiques.
Les etudes geologiques, geomorphologiques, limnologiques, palynologiques et phytosociologiques permettent de conclure a l'existence d'une periode xerique s'etendant en Afrique centrale et orientale
The Ecology of the Alpine Zone of Mount Kenya
  • M. Coe
  • History, Biology
    Monographiae Biologicae
  • 1967