A Large Scale Quasi-crystalline Lamellar Lattice in Chloroplasts of the Green Alga Zygnema

  title={A Large Scale Quasi-crystalline Lamellar Lattice in Chloroplasts of the Green Alga Zygnema},
  author={Robert J. Mclean and George F. Pessoney},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={522 - 531}
A quasi-crystalline lamellar lattice was observed in chloroplasts of the filamentous green alga Zygnema. The lattice does not appear in the cells until cultures are at the end of the log phase of growth. Pseudograna are also present and become more numerous towards the middle of the log phase. The three-dimensional lattice superficially resembles the configuration of cubic prolamellar bodies but is about 10 times larger and is entirely different in internal structure. The lattice is composed of… CONTINUE READING


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