A Lapel Microphone of the Velocity Type

  title={A Lapel Microphone of the Velocity Type},
  author={H. Olson and R. W. Carlisle},
  journal={Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers},
The requirements for satisfactory operation of a lapel microphone are shown to be (1) a wide band frequency characteristic compensated for diffraction of the voice around the head, (2) means for keeping the output constant while the head is turned, (3) satisfactory sensitivity, and (4) light weight. The first is accomplished by calculating the diffraction and compensating for it. The second is accomplished by utilizing the velocity principle and so orienting the microphone that the region of… Expand


On the Collection of Sound in Reverberant Rooms, with Special Reference to the Application of the Ribbon Microphone
  • H. Olson
  • Engineering
  • Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers
  • 1933
The effective reverberation of collected sound may be expressed as the ratio of direct to generally reflected sound. Directional sound collectors discriminate against reverberation and otherExpand