A Lactuca universal hybridizer, and its use in creation of fertile interspecific somatic hybrids

  title={A Lactuca universal hybridizer, and its use in creation of fertile interspecific somatic hybrids},
  author={Marie-christine Chupeau and Brigitte Maisonneuve and Yannick Bellec and Yves Chupeau},
  journal={Molecular and General Genetics MGG},
A Lactuca sativa cv. Ardente line heterozygous for a gene encoding resistance to kanamycin, a positive and dominant trait, was crossed with cv. Girelle, which is heterozygous for a recessive albinism marker. The resulting seeds yielded 25% albino seedlings, of which 50% were also resistant to kanamycin. Such plantlets (KR, a) grown in vitro were used for preparation of universal hybridizer protoplasts, since green buds that can develop on kanamycin containing-medium should result from fusion… CONTINUE READING
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