A Knowledge Discovery Agent for a Topology Bit-map in Ad Hoc Mobile Networks


A central characteristic of ad hoc mobile networks is the frequent changes of their topology. This is the source of many problems that need to be solved. AODV is an on-demand routing protocol for decreasing maintenance overhead in ad hoc networks. However, some path breaks can cause significant overhead and transmission delays. If the maintenance overhead of the routing table can be reduced, table-driven routing methods could be an efficient substitution. In this paper, we propose a knowledge discovery agent for an effective routing method that uses simple bit-map topology information. The agent node gathers topology knowledge and creates topology bit-map information. All available paths from a source to a destination can easily be calculated using the bit-map. All the nodes in the network maintain the bit-map distributed from the agent, and use it for the source of routing. The performance and the correctness of the proposed agent method is verified by computer simulations.

DOI: 10.3217/jucs-014-07-1105

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