A Knowledge-Based Conceptual Vision of the Smart City

  title={A Knowledge-Based Conceptual Vision of the Smart City},
  author={Elsa Negre and Camille Rosenthal-Sabroux and Mila Gasc{\'o}},
  journal={2015 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences},
The term smart city is a fuzzy concept, not well defined in theoretical researches nor in empirical projects. Several definitions, different from each other, have been proposed. However, all agree on the fact that a Smart City is an urban space that tends to improve the daily life (work, school,) of its citizens (broadly defined). This is an improvement from different points of view: social, political, economic, governmental,... This paper goes beyond this definition and proposes a knowledge… Expand
Smart City Research and Library and Information Science. Preliminary Remarks
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  • Zagadnienia Informacji Naukowej - Studia Informacyjne
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Developing Smart Sustainable Cities: a Validated Transformation Framework
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  • 2019 International Conference on Smart Applications, Communications and Networking (SmartNets)
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Information management in the Smart City - electronic tools facilitating the management of the metropolitan area
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  • 2019 IEEE 10th International Conference on Mechanical and Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies (ICMIMT)
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The United Nations Organization in 2009 estimated that 3 million people are shifting from rural to urban areas every week. This trend is dynamic and is constantly increasing. It is worth askingExpand
Classifying Pathways for Smart City Development: Comparing Design, Governance and Implementation in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi
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Aspirations and realizations: The smart city of Seattle
  • Suha AlAwadhi, H. Scholl
  • Computer Science, Business
  • 2013 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • 2013
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