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A KELT-TESS Eclipsing Binary in a Young Triple System Associated with a "Stellar String" Theia 301

  title={A KELT-TESS Eclipsing Binary in a Young Triple System Associated with a "Stellar String" Theia 301},
  author={Joni Marie Clark Cunningham and Dax L. Felix and Don Dixon and Keivan G. Stassun and Robert J. Siverd and George Zhou and T. G. Tan and David J. James and Rudolf B. Kuhn and Marina Kounkel},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
HD 54236 is a nearby, wide common-proper-motion visual pair that has been previously identified as likely being very young by virtue of strong X-ray emission and lithium absorption. Here we report the discovery that the brighter member of the wide pair, HD~54236A, is itself an eclipsing binary (EB), comprising two near-equal solar-mass stars on a 2.4 d orbit. It represents a potentially valuable opportunity to expand the number of benchmark-grade EBs at young stellar ages. Using new… 
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Context. Nearby young associations offer one of the best opportunities for a detailed study of the properties of young stellar and substellar objects thanks to their proximity (<200 pc) and age


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