A Hybrid PWM-Resonant DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Applications

  title={A Hybrid PWM-Resonant DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Applications},
  author={Il-Oun Lee},
  journal={Journal of Power Electronics},
  • Il-Oun Lee
  • Published 20 September 2015
  • Engineering
  • Journal of Power Electronics
In this paper, a new hybrid DC-DC converter is proposed for electric vehicle 3.3 kW on-board battery charger applications, which can be modulated in a phase-shift manner under a fixed frequency or frequency variation. By integrating a half-bridge (HB) LLC series resonant converter (SRC) into the conventional phase-shift full-bridge (PSFB) converter with a full-bridge rectifier, the proposed converter has many advantages such as a full soft-switching range without duty-cycle loss, zero-current… 

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This paper presents the design strategy for a zero-voltage switched (ZVS) 6-kW battery charger switching at 20 kHz using IGBTs and illustrates how the design is a tradeoff between managing the hard-switch turn-on losses at light load, minimizing the duty cycle loss caused by soft-switched delays, and minimizing the effects of tail current-switching losses.

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