A Hybrid Keyword Search across Peer-to-Peer Federated Databases


The need for Keyword search in databases is suggested both by Web integration with legacy database management system and by dynamic Web publication. However, it sacrifices the inherent meaning of database schema. Web search engines provide clues for resource location on the Web, but have similar semantic problems. The Semantic Web suggests an ideal solution for the semantic problem on the Web. But due to the need for sophisticated domain definition and lack of unified definitions, many Web pages are not part of the Semantic Web. We define a hybrid search to be a search combining semantic metadata and keywords. A hybrid search on P2P based federated databases provides meaningful and scalable search on an overlay network across the Internet. This paper describes the design of the combined search for unstructured data with associated metadata, information retrieval from the repository, peer-to-peer based communication layer, and data integration hub.

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