A Hubble constant measurement from superluminal motion of the jet in GW170817

  title={A Hubble constant measurement from superluminal motion of the jet in GW170817},
  author={K. Hotokezaka and E. Nakar and O. Gottlieb and S. Nissanke and K. Masuda and G. Hallinan and K. Mooley and A. Deller},
  journal={Nature Astronomy},
  • K. Hotokezaka, E. Nakar, +5 authors A. Deller
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • Nature Astronomy
  • The Hubble constant (H0) measures the current expansion rate of the Universe, and plays a fundamental role in cosmology. Tremendous effort has been dedicated over the past decades to measure H0 (refs. 1–10). Gravitational wave (GW) sources accompanied by electromagnetic (EM) counterparts offer an independent standard siren measurement of H0 (refs. 11–13), as demonstrated following the discovery of the neutron star merger, GW170817 (refs. 14–16). This measurement does not assume a cosmological… CONTINUE READING
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