A Home Away from Home? Israel Shelanu and the Self-Perceptions of Israeli Migrants

  title={A Home Away from Home? Israel Shelanu and the Self-Perceptions of Israeli Migrants},
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Towards an Emerging Distinction between State and People: Return Migration Programs, Diaspora Management and Agentic Migrants
While Jewish immigration to the State of Israel is a key component of Zionist ideology, emigration has been discouraged and vilified. Yet, Israeli Jewish citizens have been leaving throughout. This
Israel, Zionism and emigration anxiety: the case of Israeli academia
  • H. Amit
  • Sociology
    Settler Colonial Studies
  • 2018
ABSTRACT This article explores the relationship between Zionism and Jewish immigration, as well as the meaning of emigration in the Jewish-Israeli world. It focuses on Israeli discourse regarding
Identity Prosthesis: Roles of Homeland Media in Sustaining Native Identity
This article focuses on the ways media texts produced in Israel constitute a vital part in the lives and identities of Jewish Israeli migrants in the United States. In this qualitative study,
“Like Birds Returning to Their Nest”
This article explores the construction of national identity through the coverage of immigrants and immigration in 1950s Israeli children's magazines. The study's interpretive-narrative analysis
Orientation to the nation : a phenomenology of media and diaspora
This thesis examines the mediation of the nation-state as a dimension of the diasporic experience of place. It focuses on the consumption of mass-media about Israel or originating from it by people
From overt rejection to enthusiastic embracement: changing state discourses on Israeli emigration
This paper deploys a critical discourse analysis methodology to examine the emergence of three (sometimes overlapping) discourses on emigration in Israel. It examines the linkages between the various


Israeli immigrants in the United States: The question of community
Despite their possession of many social advantages such as high levels of education, familiarity with Western, urban culture, Caucasian appearance, relative economic security and ties to an
Patterns of Economic Cooperation among Israeli Immigrants in Los Angeles 1
  • S. Gold
  • Sociology
    The International migration review
  • 1994
Examination of economic activities developed among Israeli immigrants in Los Angeles suggests that Israelis are involved in a host of collective social and economic endeavors, shaped by national loyalties, subgroup ties and the larger social andEconomic contexts in which they function.
Transnationalism and Vocabularies of Motive in International Migration: The Case of Israelis in the United States
  • S. Gold
  • Sociology
    Sociological perspectives : SP : official publication of the Pacific Sociological Association
  • 1997
Findings emphasize the importance of personal and macro-level networks as well as Israelis' international culture and experience as both facilitating and giving meaning to their presence in the United States.
Education occupation and income: Israeli and European immigrants in the United States.
Data from the 1980 U.S. census are used to present a comparative analysis of the success of immigrants from Europe and Israel. The results indicate that although Israeli immigrants are more highly
Israelis settle in Los Angeles
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  • International Sociology
Number of Israeli Immigrants in the United States in 
  • () () -
. I was unable to analyze the issues of Israel Shelanu's tenth (median) year due to missing data