A History of Latin America.

  title={A History of Latin America.},
  author={Mercer Cook and Hubert Clinton Herring},
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The dynamics of the landscape and its role in development

At each moment and in each society, the landscape is transmuted, whether by physical, sensorial or immaterial elements, and there is no such thing as a static landscape. Exactly for this reason the

How London’s Latin American Women Make Families, Communities and Rights Visible

Latin American migrants constitute an important part of London. Yet they remain institutionally unrecognized. Despite the campaigns for visibility carried out by advocacy groups, such as the

Who Rules the Airwaves? The Influence of Radio in the 1946 and 1948 Argentine National Elections1

O presente artigo visa examinar a questao do papel desempenhado pela radio nas eleicoes de 1946 e 1948: ou seja, examinar se esse meio de comunicacao ajudou ou nao Juan Domingo Peron a conquistar o

Who Are the Spanish Speakers? An Examination of Their Linguistic, Cultural, and Societal Commonalities and Differences

In this article, three different aspects of the Spanish-speaking community are analyzed: (1) The idiosyncratic characteristics of the Spanish language, (2) the social dimension of the Spanish

Processes of State Creation and Democratization in Peru, Chile, and Argentina

  • A. Hybel
  • Political Science
    The Making of Flawed Democracies in the Americas
  • 2019
The colonizations of Peru, Chile, and Argentina were initiated during the first half of the 1500s. The transformations they experienced during the colonial period and after they attained independence

Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Urban Growth in Latin American Cities: An Analysis Using Nighttime Lights Imagery

The impact of urban form on economic performance and quality of life has been extensively recognized. The studies on urban form have focused in developed countries; only a few cities in developing

Revolutionary leadership as necessary element in people’s war: Shining Path of Peru

Abstract Though it is well understood that all internal upheaval within a polity is a consequence of agency interacting with structure, the importance of the former has perhaps become too pushed to