A History of Bangladesh

  title={A History of Bangladesh},
  author={Willem van Schendel},
Bangladesh is a new name for an old land whose history is little known to the wider world. A country chiefly famous in the West for media images of poverty, underdevelopment, and natural disasters, Bangladesh did not exist as an independent state until 1971. Willem van Schendel's history reveals the country's vibrant, colourful past and its diverse culture as it navigates the extraordinary twists and turns that have created modern Bangladesh. The story begins with the early geological history… Expand
The State of Relief on the Bangladesh-India Border
By focusing on a remote part of the Bangladesh-India border, this paper seeks to understand how the state has been reconfigured from its older, developmental paradigm, involving large-scaleExpand
State of Bangladesh Studies: An Exploration in Historical Literature
With more than 178,000 entries on ‘Bangladesh’ in the WorldCat, the idea that the country has remained understudied may not be apt anymore. Research and publications in the postcolonial periodExpand
The 1970 Bhola cyclone, nationalist politics, and the subsistence crisis contract in Bangladesh.
  • N. Hossain
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Disasters
  • 2018
It is argued that the Bhola cyclone put disaster management on the nationalist agenda; the famine of 1974 confirmed its centrality, producing a social contract to protect the population against disasters and subsistence crises on which the country's acclaimed resilience to the effects of climate change rests. Expand
War Crimes Tribunals in Bangladesh: A Socio-Political and Legal Impact Analysis ICSR
Till 1970, Bangladesh was still an underdog state of West Pakistan and the people of the future “Bangladesh” were gravely displeased with the Government of Pakistan that governed “Bangladesh” forExpand
JSB as Democratic Emblem and Urban Focal Point: The Imagined Socio-Political Construction of Space
Jatio Sangsad Bhaban (JSB), more commonly known as the National Assembly Building, or Capital Complex of Bangladesh, was designed by the renowned architect Louis I. Kahn and is an iconic landmark inExpand
Crossing the Bay of Bengal: The Furies of Nature and the Fortunes of Migrants
Book synopsis: The Indian Ocean was global long before the Atlantic, and today the countries bordering the Bay of Bengal—India, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia—are home to one inExpand
From Partition to Hegemony: Bangladesh and Bangladeshi Films in the South Asian Context
Partition has changed the socioeconomic, political and cultural relations between South Asia’s nation-states. For instance, before partition, despite communal unrest and socioeconomic disparitiesExpand
Feminism and Nationalism in Cold War East Pakistan
Every independent nation is paying special attention to the progress of women. It is not possible for a country that does not have a women’s movement to undergo extensive improvement. […] The womenExpand
Dynamics of Pakistan’s Disintegration: The Case of East Pakistan 1947–1971
This article attempts to answer two questions: (a) what led to the psychological fissure of the East Pakistanis? And (b) how did the psychological fissure culminate into their physical separation? ToExpand
Cascades of Violence in Bangladesh
Imperial domination cascaded down to a politics of separation of India from the Mughal and British Empires, which cascaded further down to a violent politics of separation of Pakistan from India,Expand


Bangladesh in 1972: Nation Building in a New State
One of the traumatic events of 1971 was the disintegration of Pakistan and the emergence of the new nation state, Bangladesh. The birth of Bangladesh was in many ways a unique phenomenon, forExpand
Growing Up Refugee
India's case is unique in the history of anti-colonial struggle: the independence from British rule that came in 1947 after a long, popular and difficult nationalist movement also meant for a vastExpand
'Stateless in South Asia: The Making of the India-Bangladesh Enclaves,'
There are nations without states, new nations that are invented before the authors' eyes while older ones disintegrate, and older diasporic nations that is being joined by a host of new transnational communities. Expand
The First Boundary of Bangladesh on Sylhet’s Northern Frontiers
Bangladesh’s geographical perimeter came into being at the partition of British India, in 1947, but the boundary making process that created the territorial enclosure of lands and peoples inExpand
Mru: Hill People on the Border of Bangladesh
his book offers a glimpse into the world of for her territorial integrity; and the country soon T exchanged the arrogance of its administrative the Mru- a world which is unknown and officers for aExpand
The United Nations in Bangladesh
This book provides the first analytic account of the United Nations relief operation in Bangladesh. Written by a United Nations staff member involved in the operation, it reflects his direct accessExpand
Asia before Europe : economy and civilisation of the Indian Ocean from the rise of Islam to 1750
This book explores the dynamic interaction between economic life, society and civilisation in the regions around and beyond the Indian Ocean during the period from the rise of Islam to 1750. Within aExpand
Bangladesh in 1975: The Fall of the Mujib Regime and Its Aftermath
As S. M. Lipset has emphasized, the way that a nation is born conditions much of its later political development. Bangladesh was born through a bloody revolution which spawned ideas that disruptedExpand
The rise of Islam and the Bengal frontier, 1204-1760
In all of the South Asian subcontinent, Bengal was the region most receptive to the Islamic faith. This area today is home to the world's second-largest Muslim ethnic population. How and why did suchExpand
The Pakistan-American Alliance: A Reevaluation of the Past Decade
Upon the termination of the 1962 Sino-Indian conflict, a distinguished Pakistani historian,' in a private discussion with me presented the following argument for the Indian-American-Pakistan tangle:Expand