A History Of Jazz In America

  title={A History Of Jazz In America},
  author={Barry Ulanov},

Cariocas de New Orleans: Brazilian Interpretations of North American Jazz

ABSTRACT:This article focuses on three Brazilian accounts of jazz history and argues that North American music, often dismissed as a “foreign influence,” was an indispensable component of Brazilian

A Jazz Origin Myth

Defining Jazz Revisited - Taking a social constructionist approach to the characterisation of jazz.

This article reconsiders the definition of jazz as a case study in relation to how a musical genre is constituted through narratives of culture and identity in musical culture. Rethinking the

Rethinking Interaction in Jazz Improvisation

[1] In the wake of Paul Berliner's and Ingrid Monson's landmark interview-based research of the mid-1990s, the notion that "good jazz improvisation is sociable and interactive just like a

Timing deviations in jazz performance: The relationships of selected musical variables on horizontal and vertical timing relations: A case study

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects and relationships of selected musical variables on the horizontal (i.e., successive eighth note timing relationships) and vertical (i.e., the

“Myriad Subtleties”: Subverting Racism through Irony in the Music of Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie

In his autobiography, Dizzy Gillespie recognizes the impact racism had on his youthful behavior and acknowledges his misreading of Louis Armstrong's minstrelsy-influenced performance style: "Hell, I

“Django’s Tiger”: From Jazz to Jazz Manouche

Not long ago, I saw an online amateur video of the French guitarists Adrien Moignard (b. 1985) and Sebastien Giniaux (b. 1981), who are two of the leading players of the genre known as "jazz

Of icons and iconography : seeing Jimmie Blanton

This article explores how iconography can be a useful analytical tool, and in the process help to demystify the lives and music of so-called jazz icons. I will start by illustrating how a narrative