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A Highly Robust Audio Fingerprinting System

  title={A Highly Robust Audio Fingerprinting System},
  author={Jaap Haitsma and Ton Kalker},
Imagine the following situation. [] Key Method By using the fingerprint of an unknown audio clip as a query on a fingerprint database, which contains the fingerprints of a large library of songs, the audio clip can be identified. At the core of the presented system are a highly robust fingerprint extraction method and a very efficient fingerprint search strategy, which enables searching a large fingerprint database with only limited computing resources.

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A Highly Robust Audio Fingerprinting System With an Efficient Search Strategy
An audio fingerprinting system that uses the fingerprint of an unknown audio clip as a query on a fingerprint database, which contains the fingerprints of a large library of songs, the audio clip can be identified.
Evaluating musical fingerprinting systems
Audio fingerprinting is a process that uses computers to analyse small clips of music recordings to answer a common question that people who listen to music often ask : "What is the name of that song
An audio fingerprinting system for live version identification using image processing techniques
  • Z. Rafii, Bob Coover, Jinyu Han
  • Computer Science
    2014 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)
  • 2014
An audio fingerprinting system that can deal with live version identification by using image processing techniques and Compact fingerprints are derived using a log-frequency spectrogram and an adaptive thresholding method, and template matching is performed using the Hamming similarity and the Hough Transform.
A Quick Review of Audio Fingerprinting
The ability to identify some piece of music, given just a few seconds of input to go on, is quite an astonishing feat, one that requires a complex level of math and the compilation of huge databases.
A robust audio fingerprinter based on pitch class histograms: applications for ethnic music archives
The new acoustic fingerprinting system, presented here, has some interesting features which makes it a valuable tool to manage ethnic music archives: the fingerprints are rather robust against pitch shift, tempo changes, several synthetic audio effects, and reversal of the audio.
Stochastic Model of a Robust Audio Fingerprinting System
The initial outlines of a model for an existing robust fingerprinting system are presented and the stochastic behavior of the system when the input signal is a stationary (stochastic) signal is described, in this paper the input is assumed to be white noise.
Audio Fingerprinting using Fractional Fourier Transform
Fractional Fourier Transform is used to generate an audio fingerprint using an audio clip given as an input query and compares with the fingerprint stored in the database.
A Robust and Time-Efficient Fingerprinting Model for Musical Audio
The audio spectrum flatness (ASF) and the audio signature (AS) features of the MPEG-7 standard are made use, which are new to the audio feature family and have not been considered as much as other feature types.
Panako - A Scalable Acoustic Fingerprinting System Handling Time-Scale and Pitch Modification
A scalable granular acoustic fingerprinting system robust against time and pitch scale modification is presented, designed to be robust against pitch shifting, time stretching and tempo changes, while remaining scalable.
Gaussian Mixture Modeling Using Short Time Fourier Transform Features for Audio Fingerprinting
This paper designs fingerprints addressing the above issues by modeling an audio clip by Gaussian mixture models using a wide range of easy-to-compute short time Fourier transform features such as Shannon entropy, Renyi entropy, spectral centroid, spectral bandwidth, spectral flatness measure, spectral crest factor, and Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients and shows that the audio fingerprints modeled using GMM are robust to distortions not used in training.


Robust Audio Hashing for Content Identification
This paper proposes a scheme that exploits a structured search algorithm that allows searching databases containing over 100,000 songs, and shows that the proposed scheme is robust against severe compression, but bit errors do occur.
On the automated recognition of seriously distorted musical recordings
A new methodology is presented for the automated recognition-identification of musical recordings that have suffered from a high degree of playing speed and frequency band distortion, whose performance was extensively tested with various types of broadcasted musical recordings.
Identification of Audio Titles on Internet
A general approach for the identification of audio titles and its application on Internet observation and the concept of an AudioDNA is developed, allowing a highly compressed representation of a sequence of acoustic events.
Music Database Retrieval Based on Spectral Similarity
We present an efficient algorithm to retrieve similar music pieces from an audio database. The algorithm tries to capture the intuitive notion of similarity perceived by human: two pieces are similar
Feature Extraction and a Database Strategy for Video Fingerprinting
This paper presents the concept of video fingerprinting as a tool for video identification. As such, video fingerprinting is an important tool for persistent identification as proposed in MPEG-21.
Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients for Music Modeling
The results show that the use of the Mel scale for modeling music is at least not harmful for this problem, although further experimentation is needed to verify that this is the optimal scale in the general case and whether this transform is valid for music spectra.
Recent Advances in Visual Information Systems
Interestingly, recent advances in visual information systems that you really wait for now is coming. It's significant to wait for the representative and beneficial books to read. Every book that is
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