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A High Speed CMOS Current Comparator in 90 nm CMOS Process Technology

  title={A High Speed CMOS Current Comparator in 90 nm CMOS Process Technology},
  author={Adyasha Rath and Sushanta K. Mandal and Subhrajyoti Das and Sweta Padma Dash},
In this paper a current mode comparator is presented, more aptly can be called as the "Current Comparator". The proposed circuit consists of a current differencing stage which accepts two current inputs where one is the reference current and the other is the input current. The comparator stage outputs a rail-to-rail voltage depending on the difference of the two currents. Simulation of the proposed design is carried out in Cadence using EDA tool in 90nm technology. The operating speed of the… 
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Algorithmic Current-Mode ADC using CMOS Inverter Based Current Comparator

  • Bhilasha RustogiV. Bhatia
  • Computer Science, Engineering
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  • 2018
A new algorithmic current mode ADC is presented in this paper which operates at 1V power supply and comprises solely of CMOS inverters in its architecture and uses a simple method of biasing.

Design of Low-Power 3-Bit CMOS Flash ADC for Aerospace Applications

A new technique is applied to reduce the power consumption of CMOS Flash ADC so that it can utilize durable applications with high speed.

Design and Simulation of Array Cells of Mixed Sensor Processors for Intensity Transformation and Analog-Digital Coding in Machine Vision

The proposed ADC based on CL BC and CM are promising for creating photoelectric structures with matrix operands, digital optoelectronic processors, linear and matrix image processors, and other neural-like structures that are necessary for neural networks and neuro fuzzy controllers.

Simulation of continuously logical base cells (CL BC) with advanced functions for analog-to-digital converters and image processors

The paper considers results of design and modeling of continuously logical base cells (CL BC) based on current mirrors (CM) with functions of preliminary analogue and subsequent analogue-digital



High-performance CMOS current comparator

A new high-speed CMOS current comparator is described. By changing the buffer of an existing comparator from class B to class AB operation, voltage swings are reduced, resulting in greater speed for

A high speed/power ratio continuous-time CMOS current comparator

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A new high-performance continuous-time CMOS current comparator is proposed, which comprises one CMOS complementary amplifier, two resistive-load amplifiers and two CMOS inverters and is suitable for high-speed and low-power applications.

The design of a low-power high-speed current comparator in 0.35-μm CMOS technology

A novel low power with high performance low current comparator is proposed in this paper which comprises of low input impedance using a simple biasing method and the simulation results from HSPICE demonstrate the propagation delay is about 0.7 ns.

High performance CMOS current comparator using resistive feedback network

A new high speed, low power and small area CMOS current comparator based on a resistive feedback network is proposed. Simulation results employing 0.35 /spl mu/m CMOS parameters demonstrate 7 ns

New Design of CMOS Current Comparator

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A new current comparator exhibits high speed whilst maintaining low power consumption, which enables a very low response time to achieve high speed and less circuit complexity.

On improving the performance of Traff's comparator

In this paper a new current comparator is proposed which offers high speed and high resolution while maintaining low power dissipation. The design improves upon previous Traff current comparator by

Low input impedance current comparator using in pulse-width modulation

  • C. LinSheng-Feng Lin
  • Engineering
    International Conference on Communications and Electronics 2010
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This work presents a design of continuous-time current comparator with ultra low input impedance, which especially benefits on enhancing the accuracy of pulse-width-modulation (PWM). The proposed

CMOS current comparator circuit

A CMOS current comparator circuit design is presented and its simulated performance described. A comparator circuit designed to detect the presence of, for example, 5 ?A realised in a standard

Novel approach to high speed CMOS current comparators

A novel high speed CMOS integrated current comparator structure is presented which uses a source-follower input stage and a CMOS inverter as a positive feedback. It exhibits short propagation delay

Current-mode CMOS multiple-valued logic circuits

This paper reviews several of the current-mode CMOS multiple-valued logic (MVL) circuits that have been studied over the past decade and their performance described.