A High Gain, Composite Nd:YVO4/SiC Thin Disk Amplifier

  title={A High Gain, Composite Nd:YVO4/SiC Thin Disk Amplifier},
  author={G. Alex Newburgh and M. Yu. Dubinskii},
  booktitle={Defense + Security Symposium},
We have demonstrated a new form of Nd:YVO4 amplifier operating at 1064 nm based on a 800 µm thick Nd:YVO4 gain layer bonded to a 4H-SiC prism. The amplifier was tested in the ‘master oscillator - power amplifier’ (MOPA) configuration, where both the seed source and the single pass amplifier were operated in a quasi-continuous wave (Q-CW) regime: pulse duration 500 µs, pulse repetition frequency (PRF) - 100 Hz. The Nd:YVO4gain element was pumped by a 808 nm laser diode bar stack to amplify seed… CONTINUE READING