A Hierarchical Packet Scheduler for Differentiated Services in High-Speed Networks


In this paper, we propose a multi-level hierarchical dynamic deficit round-robin (MLHDDRR) scheduling algorithm enhanced from the existing dynamic deficit round-robin (DDRR) for the support of differentiated services. The level of service differentiation can be changed simply by adjusting parameters. The MLHDDRR scheduler can deliver small delays for short packets of each class. This feature can achieve great delay improvement in comparison with the waiting time priority (WTP) scheduler and is of great importance for improving the QoS of some real-time applications. Moreover, the MLHDDRR scheduler can efficiently provide much better QoS for real-time applications under high link utilizations (95%-99%). Because MLHDDRR is enhanced from DDRR, it is intended to be implemented in high-speed switch systems to deliver short delay and high throughput for the increasing volume of real-time video and audio communication. Extensive simulation results are presented to show the effectiveness of the MLHDDRR scheduler

DOI: 10.1109/ICIS-COMSAR.2006.8

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@article{Wu2006AHP, title={A Hierarchical Packet Scheduler for Differentiated Services in High-Speed Networks}, author={Chin-Chi Wu and Hsien-Ming Wu and Chiou Moh and Woei Lin}, journal={5th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science and 1st IEEE/ACIS International Workshop on Component-Based Software Engineering,Software Architecture and Reuse (ICIS-COMSAR'06)}, year={2006}, pages={63-68} }