A Healing, Gentle Apocalypse: Yokohama kaidashi kikō

  title={A Healing, Gentle Apocalypse: Yokohama kaidashi kikō},
  author={M. Hairston},
  pages={256 - 258}
Postapocalyptic stories are a staple in anime and manga, usually presenting a depressing and frequently violent image of the future world. In the midst of these is a unique manga that depicts the view of a simple life in a gentle postapocalyptic world: Yokohama kaidashi kikō (generally translated as Yokohama Shopping Log). Created by Ashinano Hitoshi, Yokohama kaidashi kikō premiered in Afternoon Magazine in June 1994 and ended in February 2006.1 Set hundreds of years in the future, Yokohama… Expand
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ARIA, 12 vols. (Tokyo: MagGarden, 2002–2008)
  • 2008
Yokohama kaidashi kikō is available in English only in unofficial online translations: Record of a Yokohama Shopping Trip at http://ykk.misago.org and Café Alpha Manga Translations at http://www
  • cafealpha.org/ (both accessed November
  • 2006