A Handbook of African Languages

  title={A Handbook of African Languages},
  pages={156 - 159}
  • Published 1 July 1946
  • Linguistics
  • Africa
It has already been announced in Africa that the Institute is engaged on the first steps of the preparation of a Handbook of African Languages. The widest possible co-operation of African linguists is essential if this work is to be authoritative. As questions of terminology and of method are of central importance, it has seemed desirable to set out briefly here certain points which may stimulate comment and also help towards a systematic handling of material. 
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Diedrich Westermann and the Ambiguities of Colonial Science in the Inter-War Era

ABSTRACT Diedrich Westermann (1875–1956) was a key figure in the establishment of African studies in Germany and Britain. He was a pioneer German linguist and member of the founding generation of

Initial prominence and progressive vowel harmony in Tutrugbu

This paper presents a typologically unusual case of progressive harmony triggered by prefixes in Tutrugbu and argues that the prominence-based analysis is superior, and suggests that progressive harmony should always be reducible to independent factors and formalized indirectly through prominence.

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