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A Guide to the Bott Index and Localizer Index

  title={A Guide to the Bott Index and Localizer Index},
  author={Terry A. Loring},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
  • T. Loring
  • Published 26 July 2019
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Mathematical Physics
The Bott index is inherently global. The pseudospectal index is inherently local, and so now the preferred name is the localizer index. We look at these on a rather standard model for a Chern insulator, with an emphasis how to program these effectively. We also discuss how to tune the localizer index so it behaves like a global index. 

The Bott index of two unitary operators and the integer quantum Hall effect

The Bott index of two unitary operators on an infinite dimensional Hilbert space is defined. Homotopic invariance with respect to multiplicative unitary perturbations of the type identity plus trace

On the Bott index of unitary matrices on a finite torus

  • D. Toniolo
  • Mathematics
    Letters in Mathematical Physics
  • 2022
This article reviews the foundations of the theory of the Bott index of a pair of unitary matrices in the context of condensed matter theory, as developed by Hastings and Loring (J. Math. Phys. 51,

Quadratic pseudospectrum for identifying localized states

It is proved that the quadratic pseudospectrum is local, and the bounds on the errors that are incurred by truncating the system in the vicinity of where the pseudospects are being calculated are derived.

Higher-dimensional Hofstadter butterfly on the Penrose lattice

Quasicrystal is now open to search for novel topological phenomena enhanced by its peculiar structure characterized by an irrational number and high-dimensional primitive vectors. Here we extend the

Local Topological Markers in Odd Spatial Dimensions and Their Application to Amorphous Topological Matter.

Local topological markers, topological invariants evaluated by local expectation values, are valuable for characterizing topological phases in materials lacking translation invariance. The Chern

Locality of the windowed local density of states

It is proved that the wLDOS is local in the sense that it can be computed up to arbitrarily small error using spatial truncations of the system Hamiltonian, and well-defined and computable for in-time systems satisfying some natural assumptions.

Obstructions in trivial metals as topological insulator zero-modes

Metals and topological insulators have in common that they cannot be described by exponentially localized wave-functions. Here we establish a relationship between these two seemingly unrelated

Wave-packet propagation in a finite topological insulator and the spectral localizer index

We consider a model of electrons in a finite topological insulator. We numerically study the propagation of electronic wave-packets localized near edges of the structure in the presence of defects

Revealing topology in metals using experimental protocols inspired by K-theory.

Topological metals are conducting materials with gapless band structures and nontrivial edge-localized resonances. Their discovery has proven elusive because traditional topological classification

Classifying topology in photonic heterostructures with gapless environments

Photonic topological insulators exhibit bulk-boundary correspondence, which requires that boundary-localized states appear at the interface formed between topologically distinct insulating materials.

The spectral localizer for even index pairings

Even index pairings are integer-valued homotopy invariants combining an even Fredholm module with a $K_0$-class specified by a projection. Numerous classical examples are known from differential and

Time-dependent topological systems: A study of the Bott index

  • D. Toniolo
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Physical Review B
  • 2018
The Bott index is an index that discerns among pairs of unitary matrices that can or cannot be approximated by a pair of commuting unitary matrices. It has been successfully employed to describe the

Chern numbers as half-signature of the spectral localizer

Two recent papers proved that complex index pairings can be calculated as the half-signature of a finite dimensional matrix, called the spectral localizer. This paper contains a new proof of this

Spectral Flow Argument Localizing an Odd Index Pairing

Abstract An odd Fredholm module for a given invertible operator on a Hilbert space is specified by an unbounded so-called Dirac operator with compact resolvent and bounded commutator with the given

Finite volume calculation of $K$-theory invariants

Odd index pairings of $K_1$-group elements with Fredholm modules are of relevance in index theory, differential geometry and applications such as to topological insulators. For the concrete setting

Mapping topological order in coordinate space

The organization of the electrons in the ground state is classified by means of topological invariants, defined as global properties of the wave function. Here we address the Chern number of a

Disordered topological insulators via C*-algebras

The theory of almost commuting matrices can be used to quantify topological obstructions to the existence of localized Wannier functions with time-reversal symmetry in systems with time-reversal

Bulk spectrum and K-theory for infinite-area topological quasicrystals

  • T. Loring
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Mathematical Physics
  • 2019
The bulk spectrum of a possible Chern insulator on a quasicrystalline lattice is examined. The effect of being a 2D insulator seems to override any fractal properties in the spectrum. We compute that

Matrix embeddings on flat $R^3$ and the geometry of membranes

We show that given three hermitian matrices, what one could call a fuzzy representation of a membrane, there is a well defined procedure to define a set of oriented Riemann surfaces embedded in $R^3$