A Grhl2-dependent gene network controls trophoblast branching morphogenesis.

  title={A Grhl2-dependent gene network controls trophoblast branching morphogenesis.},
  author={Katharina Walentin and Christian Hinze and Max Werth and Nadine Haase and Saaket Varma and Robert J. Morell and Annekatrin Aue and Elisabeth P{\"o}tschke and D. Warburton and Andong Qiu and Jonathan Barasch and Bettina Purf{\"u}rst and Christoph Dieterich and Elena Popova and Michael Bader and Ralf Dechend and Anne Cathrine Staff and Zeliha Yesim Yurtdas and Ergin Kilic and Kai M Schmidt-Ott},
  volume={142 6},
Healthy placental development is essential for reproductive success; failure of the feto-maternal interface results in pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth retardation. We found that grainyhead-like 2 (GRHL2), a CP2-type transcription factor, is highly expressed in chorionic trophoblast cells, including basal chorionic trophoblast (BCT) cells located at the chorioallantoic interface in murine placentas. Placentas from Grhl2-deficient mouse embryos displayed defects in BCT cell polarity and… CONTINUE READING
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