A Graphical Query Language: VISUAL and Its Query Processing

  title={A Graphical Query Language: VISUAL and Its Query Processing},
  author={Nevzat Hurkan Balkir and Gultekin {\"O}zsoyoglu and Z. Meral {\"O}zsoyoglu},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng.},
This paper describes VISUAL, a graphical icon-based query language with a user-friendly graphical user interface for scientific databases and its query processing techniques. VISUAL is suitable for domains where visualization of the relationships is important for the domain scientist to express queries. In VISUAL, graphical objects are not tied to the underlying formalism; instead, they represent the relationships of the application domain. VISUAL supports relational, nested, and object… 

Ontology Based Graphical Query Language Supporting Recursion

An improved query system using a Visual Query Language to enable efficient querying on ontologies even by novice users who do not have an in-depth knowledge of internal query structures is introduced.

Ontology-based end-user visual query formulation: Why, what, who, how, and which?

This article presents and argues for ontology-based visual query formulation for end-users, and discusses its feasibility in terms of ontological-based data access, which virtualises legacy relational databases as RDF, and the dimensions of Big Data.

SVQL: A SQL Extended Query Language for Video Databases

This paper presents a novel query language called SVQL for video databases, which is developed based on an extension of the traditional database query language SQL, and extends the WHERE clause of SQL to introduce new conditional expressions, making SVQL with powerful expressiveness.

The Evaluation Criteria for a Video Query Language with Powerful Expressiveness

This paper presents a novel query language called SVQL for video databases, which is developed based on an extension of the traditional database query language SQL, and extends the WHERE clause of SQL to introduce new conditional expressions, making SVQL with powerful expressiveness.

Visual SQL ? High-Quality ER-Based Query Treatment

It is shown in this paper that visualization led in this case to higher conceptual correctness and conceptual completeness in query formulation.

Using graphically represented ontologies for searching content on the semantic Web

  • Leendert W. M. Wienhofen
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings. Eighth International Conference on Information Visualisation, 2004. IV 2004.
  • 2004
This work describes an application design for using graphically represented ontologies for searching the (semantic) Web using RQL, OWL, XQL, and other query languages.

Orion: Enabling Suggestions in a Visual Query Builder forUltra-Heterogeneous Graphs

Orion, a visual interface for querying ultra-heterogeneous graphs that iteratively assists users in query graph construction by making suggestions via machine learning methods, is presented and compared with several methods adapting other machine learning algorithms.

Markku Rontu Visual queries for a student information system

A new diagrammatic visual query system named SEEQ (System for Enhanced Exploration and Querying) is presented as a tool for querying databases in general and student information systems in particular and is found to be strongest in visualisation because it is capable of result visualisations in addition to schema and query visualisations.



QBD*: A Graphical Query Language with Recursion

A system to query databases using diagrams as a standard user interface that makes use of a conceptual data model, a query language on this model, and a graphical user interface is proposed.

DOODLE: a visual language for object-oriented databases

  • I. Cruz
  • Computer Science
    SIGMOD '92
  • 1992
DOODLE is a new visual and declarative language for object-oriented databases that is possible to display and query the database with arbitrary pictures and allow the user to tailor the display of the data to suit the application at hand or her preferences.

Example-based graphical database query languages

Several user-friendly graphical database query languages that let users formulate a query by specifying a graphically aided example on the screen are compared. One of the earliest such languages,

GRAQULA: A Graphical Query Language for Entity-Relationship or Relational Databases

Towards an ODMG-Compliant Visual Object Query Language

Results of a user evaluation suggest that users find it easier to formulate correct queries in QUIVER than in OQL, the standard query language proposed by the Object Data Management Group (ODMG).

A Hypergraph-based Framework for Visual Interaction with Databases

This paper proposes a theoretical framework for visual interaction with databases, having a particular kind of hypergraph, the Structure Modeling Hypergraph (SMH), as a representation tool, able to capture the features of existing data models.

Syntax and Semantics of Gql, a graphical query language

This paper presents a formal definition of both the syntax and semantics of Gql, a declarative graphical query language based on the functional data model, and abstracts from the world of graphics and focuses on a world of sets and functions, called the base structure, which represent the various elements of the language.

A Pictorial Query-by-Example Language

A pictorial query-by-example (PQBE) language aimed at the retrieval of direction relations from symbolic images, which provides an intuitive interface for use in geographic applications because of its close correspondence with the structure of space.

Delaunay: a database visualization system

The Delaunay system is described, which supports visualizations of object-oriented databases specified by the user with a visual constraint-based query language, and the overall flexibility and extensibility of the framework.

A Framework for Describing Visual Interfaces to Databases

The framework provides a systematic method for the concise description of graphical interfaces to databases that can be used either during interface design or as a communication aid.