A Golgi fragmentation pathway in neurodegeneration.

  title={A Golgi fragmentation pathway in neurodegeneration.},
  author={Saya Nakagomi and Mark J Barsoum and Ella Bossy-Wetzel and Christine S{\"u}tterlin and Vivek Malhotra and Stuart Lipton},
  journal={Neurobiology of disease},
  volume={29 2},
The Golgi apparatus processes intracellular proteins, but undergoes disassembly and fragmentation during apoptosis in several neurodegenerative disorders such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease. It is well known that other cytoplasmic organelles play important roles in cell death pathways. Thus, we hypothesized that Golgi fragmentation might participate in transduction of cell death signals. Here, we found that Golgi fragmentation and dispersal precede neuronal cell death… CONTINUE READING