A Global and Unified System of Power

  title={A Global and Unified System of Power},
  author={Chrysovalantis Kampragkos},
The austerity policies responding to the economic crisis have given rise to questions about the nature of supranational institutions. Are they expressions of cosmopolitan solidarity to small countries’ economic problems, or forms of neocolonialism? Are they representative of an irreversible evolution toward a transnational capitalist unity, or temporary alliances? Questions such as “Who governs in the Americas and in Europe?” are bound to appear more frequently, as antagonism rages between… Expand
Lenin’s Theory of the Weakest Link and the Intervention by the Greek Radical Left in the Course of the Crisis: Lessons for the Future
ABSTRACT The imposition of the memoranda on Greece triggered dynamic reactions from the subordinate classes, rapid changes in the political scene and creation of the impression in the Western worldExpand


Globalisation: nine theses on our epoch
L'A. porte son attention sur la globalisation du capitalisme qui affecte l'epoque actuelle. Il souligne que ce processus induit le remplacement systematique des formes economiques precapitalistes ouExpand