A Global Perspective on Child Sexual Abuse: Meta-Analysis of Prevalence Around the World

  title={A Global Perspective on Child Sexual Abuse: Meta-Analysis of Prevalence Around the World},
  author={Marije Stoltenborgh and Marinus H. van IJzendoorn and Eveline M. Euser and Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg},
  journal={Child Maltreatment},
  pages={101 - 79}
Key MethodOur comprehensive meta-analysis combined prevalence figures of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) reported in 217 publications published between 1980 and 2008, including 331 independent samples with a total of 9,911,748 participants. The overall estimated CSA prevalence was 127/1000 in self-report studies and 4/1000 in informant studies. Self-reported CSA was more common among female (180/1000) than among male participants (76/1000). Lowest rates for both girls (113/1000) and boys (41/1000) were…

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