A Global Outlook for Water Resources to the Year 2025

  title={A Global Outlook for Water Resources to the Year 2025},
  author={Surendra N. Kulshreshtha},
  journal={Water Resources Management},
  • S. Kulshreshtha
  • Published 1 June 1998
  • Environmental Science
  • Water Resources Management
With growing concerns for sustainable development world over, planners of natural resources are focussing their attention on vulnerability arising from availability and use of water resources. Past studies of water resource vulnerability have either been too aggregate, or have focussed on one single dimension of these issues. This study presents a comprehensive analysis of global (using national scope) water resource-based vulnerability (WRV) using a joint criteria of water availability and its… 
Quantitative Assessment of Water Resources Vulnerability in Zhangjiakou region of Guanting Reservoir Basin, North China
damage from natural factors or human activities, and it is Abstract— The water resources vulnerability (WRV) is defined as difficult to recover to its former status once this damage the
Water Resource Degradation and Sustainable Practices for the Local Users in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
This study examined water resource for local users in Niger Delta region of Nigeria with emphasis on degradation and sustainable practices. Water, occupying a larger portion of the earth is usually
A Systematic Review of Water Vulnerability Assessment Tools
The important relationship between health and water necessitates consideration of water vulnerability. Water vulnerability is contingent upon biophysical and social drivers operating at multiple
Water-deficit-based drought risk assessments in Taiwan
Taiwan is located in Western Pacific and receives approximate 2,500 mm rainfall per year. Suffered from inadequate water supply during prolonged and severe droughts, assessing drought risk becomes
Formulation of an integrated approach to sustainable water management in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
In 1986, Vietnam opened up the country’s economy by launching the Doi Moi (renovation) policy, which made the process of economic liberalisation possible. Accordingly, Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s
Water Resources Planning and Management: An Overview
Water resource systems have benefited both people and their economies for many centuries. The services provided by such systems are multiple. Yet in many regions of the world they are not able to
Water resources issues in Tarkwa municipality, southwest Ghana
Tarkwa is an old and important gold mining town located in a sub-humid tropical climate with its economy built on mining and allied services. The current high gold price has generated a vibrant local
Spatial Vulnerability Assessments for Water Resources Management - Cases from major Asian river basins with a focus on spatial unit of analysis and the use of big and open data
Aalto University, P.O. Box 11000, FI-00076 Aalto www.aalto.fi Author Aura Salmivaara Name of the doctoral dissertation Spatial vulnerability assessments for water resources management – Cases from
Assessing the Viability of Rainwater Harvesting System for Sustainable Manufacturing in Water Stressed Regions
Water is considered to the life wire of many manufacturing industry. Water is used for processing of materials, cooling of engines, firefighting and also important for sanitation and welfare of


Global water resources.
Assessment activities over the past two decades reveal that freshwater resources are unevenly distributed, with much of the water located far from human populations, and two out of every three people will live in water-stressed areas by the year 2025.
Sustainable water development: Implications for the future
Abstract This paper provides a review of the following principal water problems as seen in the light of sustainable development strategy: the main functions of fresh water in the Earth system;
Climate-induced water availability changes in Europe
Water availability changes in Europe are discussed in this paper, as seen in a perspective of climatic change in terms of the shifts in the watering of terrestrial ecosystems, as well as the changes in the availability in terrestrial freshwater systems.
The impact of global warming on river runoff
River runoff from the world's major rivers is an important part of the hydrologic cycle. Runoff changes in response to global greenhouse-induced warming will have impacts in many areas, including
Whither world water
: The last decade has seen accelerated interest in international hydropolitics. Yet, the international politics of the world's fresh water are highly complicated, some might even say byzantine. This
Water in crisis: a guide to the world's fresh water resources
1. An Introduction to Global Fresh Water Issues 2. World Fresh Water Resources 3. Water Quality and Health 4. Water and Ecosystems 5. Water and Agriculture 6. Water and Energy 7. Water and Economic