A Glass Half Full Look at the Changes in the American Legal Market

  title={A Glass Half Full Look at the Changes in the American Legal Market},
  author={Benjamin H. Barton},
  journal={International Review of Law and Economics},

Forging appealing identities in complex environments: a case study of American law schools

Competition has intensified substantially within the American law school sector in recent decades. Scholars note that this has augmented pressures to engage in institutional self-promotion, as law

How do Lawyers Engineer and Develop LegalTech Projects? A Story of Opportunities, Platforms, Creative Rationalities, and Strategies

Over the last 15 years, the working context of lawyers has undergone many changes. Evolving in an increasingly competitive, deregulated, and globalized market, they are subject to higher tax pressure

Legal Technologies in Action: The Future of the Legal Market in Light of Disruptive Innovations

Legal technologies (digital solutions to providing legal services) have turned into the essential element of competition among legal-market stakeholders. This study highlights the competitive

The Great Disruption: How Machine Intelligence Will Transform the Role of Lawyers in the Delivery of Legal Services

This Article argues that machines are coming to disrupt the legal profession and that bar regulation cannot stop them. Part I describes the relentless growth of computer power in hardware, software,

Digital Innovation in Law Dirms: The Dominant Logic Under Threat

Creativity and Innovation Management published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. This paper focuses on the impact of digitalization in the legal industry. The legal industry is highly institutionalized and

Value Creation Logics: A UK Case Study

This paper investigates the empirical realisation of different VCLs, and the role of IS/IT therein, through a case study of a UK law firm, and shows that the different types of value creation logics co-exist.

Three dimensional norm-based knowledge management for knowledge intensive business service organizations: an organizational semiotics perspective

The utilization of knowledge enables knowledge intensive business service (KIBS) organizations, such as law firms, to perform and deliver value to their customers. Organizational semiotics views

Managing value creation in Knowledge Intensive Business Services organisations

Value creation is essential in the Knowledge Intensive Business Service (KIBS) industry, due to its problem-solving nature. KIBS organisations need to understand their internal value creation

Identification of Best Education Management Practices to Improve Learning Outcomes of Muslim Youth Adapting to 21st Century Competition

This study examines the best educational management in the era of information technology, known as the 21st century. This study is qualitative research. Madrasahs in Sambas Regency and as primary



Small is the New Biglaw: Some Thoughts on Technology, Economics, and the Practice of Law

This paper looks at technological and economic changes affecting lawyers, and their effect on the competitiveness of large law firms. It explores methods of unbundling big law firm features, and

First Thing We Do, Let's Deregulate All the Lawyers

Not many Americans think of the legal profession as a monopoly, but it is. Abraham Lincoln, who practiced law for nearly twenty-five years, would likely not have been allowed to practice today.

From Big Law to Lean Law

Legal Barriers to Innovation: The Growing Economic Cost of Professional Control Over Corporate Legal Markets

U.S. legal markets are among the most heavily regulated in the economy, with regulation over almost all aspects of legal production exercised in a fragmented and unclear regime by individual state

A History of American Law

This book is a general history of the legal system of the United States, beginning in the colonial period, and continuing up to the present. The work was originally published in 1973; this is the

The End of Lawyers?: Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services

Introduction 1. The beginning of the end The challenge for lawyers Four thoughts A journey The Future of Law Progress over the last decade The flow of this book 2. The evolution of legal service The

The Lawyer-Judge Bias in the American Legal System

1. An ambient bias 2. The theory 3. Constitutional criminal procedure 4. Civil constitutional law 5. A short history of lawyer regulation 6. Current lawyer regulation 7. Torts 8. Evidence and civil

Tournament of Lawyers: The Transformation of the Big Law Firm

"Tournament of Lawyers" traces in detail the rise of one hundred of the nation's top firms in order to diagnose the health of the business of American law. Galanter and Palay demonstrate that much of

Transaction Costs and the Normative Elements of the Public Choice Model: An Application to Constitutional Theory

IN the wake of the Coase Theorem,' transaction costs have come to play the pivotal role in economic discourse as it relates to legal issues. The Coase Theorem posits that, absent transaction costs,