A Geomorfologia e a datação de gravuras de Foz Côa. Metodologia e desenvolvimento de um caso de investigação científica

  title={A Geomorfologia e a dataç{\~a}o de gravuras de Foz C{\^o}a. Metodologia e desenvolvimento de um caso de investigaç{\~a}o cient{\'i}fica},
  author={Fernando Rebelo and Rochete Cordeiro},
THE GEOMORPHOLOGY AND THE DATING OF THE ENGRAVINGS OF FOZ COA - METHODOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT OF A SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CASE - Several alternative interpretations of the age of the engravings at Foz Coa are presented. One derivation is based on the climatic and paleo-climatic characteristics of the area as well as the hydrological characteristics of the Coa River, especially its propensity for flooding. This interpretation involves the assumption that the smooth rock surface on which the… CONTINUE READING