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A Genteel Requirement Engineering for WebApplications

  title={A Genteel Requirement Engineering for WebApplications},
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Requirements engineering is a software engineering process with the goal to identify, analyze, document and validate requirements for the web application to be developed. One of the most important factors of success in the software development is the elicitation, management, and analysis of requirements which is used to assure the quality of the resulting software. This is especially true in Web engineering due to the heterogeneous audience of the Web, which may lead to websites difficult to… Expand


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The application of combination of requirement engineering techniques for a real life complex project (Supply Chain Management) with higher requirements volatility developed in a small scale software development organization will help in understanding requirements elicitation for such kind of complex software. Expand
Elicitation technique selection: how do experts do it?
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The results of in-depth interviews with some of the world's most experienced analysts are presented, demonstrating how they select elicitation techniques based on a variety of situational assessments. Expand
The Analytic Hierarchy Process
This chapter provides an overview of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), which is a systematic procedure for representing the elements of any problem hierarchically. It organizes the basic rationalityExpand
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