A Genetic algorithm for the optimal design of a multistage amplifier

  title={A Genetic algorithm for the optimal design of a multistage amplifier},
  author={Asmae El Beqal and B. Benhala and I. Zorkani},
  journal={International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering},
  • Asmae El Beqal, B. Benhala, I. Zorkani
  • Published 2020
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • The optimal sizing of analog circuits is one of the most complicated processes, because of the number of variables taken into, to the number of required objectives to be optimized and to the constraint functions restrictions. The aim is to automate this activity in order to accelerate the circuits design and sizing. In this paper, we deal with the optimization of the three stage bipolar transistor amplifier performances namely the voltage gain (A V ), the input impedance (Z IN ), the output… CONTINUE READING
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